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With our premium interior car detailing services package, we bring to you all the essential interior maintenance services at an affordable price. From floor mats to upholstery, our professionals will carefully work on your car’s interior to bring it back to its glory. This service package features deep cleaning of all interior surfaces like floor mats, carpets, seats and windows to remove any dirt, debris and stains that cause the car to lose its luster. We will ensure that every part of your vehicle’s interior will be brought back to its old glory.


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  1. Full Vacuum of Floor Mats, Seats, and Trunk – This process includes vacuuming the floor mats, seats and trunks of your vehicle using a top of the line car vacuum and a special cleaning solution as well as applying treatment to stubborn stains. We will also shampoo and condition your car seats using specialized methods depending on the upholstery material. Our professional detailers may also use a pressure washer when needed, so you can get the high quality car sanitation that you require.
  2. Dashboard, Glove Box and Door Panels Detailing – With the daily use of these parts of your vehicle to store items like food, beverage, toys, documents, etc., it is inevitable for them to pick up scratches and marks here and there. Our professionals use special sandpapers as well as interior car cleaners to remove ingrained dirt from plastic surfaces and restore their color and shine, leaving them looking brand new once again.
  3. Inside Window Cleaning – Dirty car windows can be unsightly and can even affect your visibility while driving. Our interior car detailing services includes clearing up those windows by hand with the use of microfiber towels and a special cleaning solution. This is to ensure the glass is cleaned with a streak-free finish.
  4. Interior Carpet Cleaning – Stained or dirty carpets do not only make your car unsightly but they may also compromise your health. Without regular cleaning, germs and bacteria can breed in those carpets and eventually cause diseases. Aside from preventing bacteria growth, cleaning the carpet also helps eliminate pungent odors that make you feel uncomfortable. At Markham Mobile Detailing, our professionals are experienced in all types of carpet & rug cleaning so we can assure you that once our job is done, you will enjoy a freshly cleaned car that looks and smells great.
  5. Car Cealing Cleaning – Over time, dirt, grime and grease may accumulate on the ceiling which can greatly affect the overall interior look of your car. Our meticulous car detailers leave no surface untouched, including your car ceiling. We use steam cleaners with pressurized vapors to loosen accumulated dirt and grime. This steam cleaning process will not only help remove dirt and tough stains but will also eradicate bacteria and viruses that are possibly breeding on your upholstered headliner.
  6. AC Vents Cleaning – Fungus and molds may accumulate in air conditioners so to properly clean the car’s AC vents, our professional car detailers will not only clean the surface, but will also ensure that the slats are properly sanitized. ACs have to be cleaned professionally as contaminated air coming from the AC can also cause sickness to the people inhaling it.

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