Exterior Wash Services

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Washing your vehicle’s exterior is essential to keeping your car in its best condition. By cleaning the outer surface of your car, you are able to prolong its lifespan since debris, road salt, uv rays and other elements can cause scratches, stains and immediate damage to your vehicle. Bigger damages to your car can also be prevented through regular maintenance since the car detailers are able to catch any small issues that could turn into bigger problems later on. Here at Markham Mobile Detailing, our professional car detailers work carefully and meticulously so they will be able to identify problems in your vehicle before they cause bigger damage. Our workers also use a variety of cleaning methods and high quality products to ensure the best washing service for your car’s exterior.


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  1. Power Wash and Shampoo – Our goal is to provide highest standards of quality service for you and your vehicle so our car wash process is better than the typical ones you can get from automatic car wash service areas. We shampoo and wash vehicles using the two bucket method to ensure we are able to remove all the dirt and grime even on hidden surfaces. Our car detailers will clean your car’s exterior meticulously and carefully, leaving no spot behind, to ensure that your vehicle is left perfectly clean and shinning.
  2. Delicate Hand Wash of Exterior – To maintain the exterior of your car clean and spotless, we utilize the hand wash two bucket method. We use a special blend of cleaning solution that is harmless to the car’s paint. After rinsing the car, we then use a plush microfiber towel to wipe the body of the car thoroughly and ensure there won’t be further scratches on your car’s outer surface and prevent water spots that are usually caused by air drying.
  3. Outer Body Wax – After washing the exterior of your car, we will add shine, polish and protection to your car’s paint using only the best wax and polisher in the market to produce the highest possible level of polish and cleanliness.
  4. Rims and Tires Cleaning – Detailing the rims and tires of your car will also help get rid of any dirt or debris build up around the wheels. Wheels that are free from any dirt or debris are expected to run more smoothly and effectively. Once the tires are dry, our professional car detailers will spray them with tire shine to leave a nice finish and protect the tires from uv rays. Tire shine will also help the tires stay cleaner for a longer period of time.
  5. Underbody Rinse – The underbody rinse will help rid the underbody of your vehicle of dirt and grime that builds up over time. We included underbody rinse service in our maintenance list to protect your car from harmful contaminants potentially eating away at the underside of your vehicle.
  6. Exterior Glass Cleaning – Using an eco-friendly glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth, our professional detailer will also clean and polish all external glass and polycarbonate. This includes the windshield, side mirrors, windows and the lenses of the car’s lights.

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