Detailed Engine Compartment Cleaning and Shampooing

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Shampooing and cleaning a car engine not only keep the engine clean, they can also affect its performance positively. However, since the engine is considered as the brain and heart of a car, cleaning it can be very sensitive and complex. For example, engine’s have electrical wires that should not be exposed to water. Getting them wet can cause short circuits and lead to a damage in the engine which can cost you a fortune to repair. Therefore, we recommend that you leave the engine cleaning to the professionals, like our trained specialists at Markham Mobile Detailing.


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What Professional Car Detailers Consider When Cleaning a Car Engine:

  1. There are specialized cleaners for car engines. A professional will never use just about any kind of cleaning solution available in the market since they may clog the components of the engine and even cause it to malfunction. There are also chemicals in most cleaning solutions that can leave residue on an engine which will then lead to corrosion.
  2. Engines have many components that need to be covered and avoided during shampooing and cleaning. If these engine components get wet, they may have a negative impact to the performance of the car engine later on. Some of the components that need to be covered during the engine cleaning process include spark plug openings, alternator, distributor, electrical wirings, and battery.
  3. Professional car detailers use degreasers for vehicles to help remove oil, grease and wax. They help soften up the tough dirt and grime stuck in the engine and eventually clean them up. Degreasers may not be difficult to apply since they come in handy nozzles but using them during the detailing process is not a simple task as it requires focus and attention.
  4. Brushes with hard bristles are more advisable for engine cleaning unlike the type of brush used to shampoo the interior of a car. This type of brush will help loosen dirt and thick gunk that the degreaser could remove.
  5. he power of the pressure should be properly controled and should be used at a measured distance. This will help rinse off the degreaser and cleaning solution, but has to be done at a distance to make sure the water will not flood into the engine or hit the electrical components.
  6. Cleaning a car engine is better done during a warm, sunny day because this will help the car engine dry faster.

Benefits of Engine Shampooing and Cleaning:

  1. A clean engine can make a car look even better.
  2. Engine shampooing and cleaning allows the removal of dirt and debris, thus avoiding corrosion of the engine components.
  3. A brand new looking engine increases the resale value of the vehicle.
  4. Cleaning and shampooing prevents combustive materials from building up and causing a fire.
  5. A clean car engine can provide optimum performance and can help you save money since it can lessen a car’s fuel consumption.
  6. During an engine detailing service session, professional car detailers will be able to spot any potential danger, such as leaking fluids and cracks, and repair them before they cause an accident.

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