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When it comes to your beloved car, you should never settle for a “”good enough”” mobile car detailing service. We, at Markham Mobile Detailing, have a team of friendly, experienced and certified mobile detailing specialists that have been trained to provide you professional and first-rate mobile auto detailing services. We are known as Markham’s most trusted and highly-rated mobile detailing and automotive maintenance services provider. With over 10 years of experience in the business, we provide emergency and preventative maintenance services 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. From mobile car wash, to mobile interior detailing to at home auto detailing, you can count on us to provide you with the highest standards of customer service.


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About Us

Markham Mobile Detailing is an unrivaled auto mobile detailing service provider recognized by many as one of the highest rated yet affordable mobile auto detailing company in the area. With the expansive list of mobile detailing services we offer, we are your all-in-one auto detailing mobile maintenance and repair services provider in all of Markham. Our ultimate goal is to ensure we provide you complete satisfaction on all detailing services. We value your investment which is why we impose strict standards on all of our workers and ensure the highest quality of service is reflected through our work. Our dedication to providing highest standards of quality service includes using quality cleaning products and top of the line repair equipment as well as training our workers with the most advanced technology in the auto mobile detailing industry. We do all of these because we love what we do and we want our customers to see the revived beauty of their vehicle again once we’re done with our detailing dervice.

A Team of Car Detailing Experts

If you have a mobile car or any vehicle that needs thorough cleaning, our team of highly trained professionals are ready to provide you an exceptional mobile detailing service. Their expertise in both interior and exterior detailing service is the result of years of training and actual experience. All of our workers go through extensive training to learn proper cleaning methods and techniques to protect your car while it is being serviced. Our mobile car cleaning specialists also take pride in their ability to provide meticulous and thorough cleaning services using only high quality and top of the line products. If you search for “mobile car detailing near me” or “mobile detailing near me” online, you will see our name come up in the results and that is because we are truly one of the best car detailing providers here in Markham.

mobile car detailing Markham ON

How Our Second to None VIP Service Work

Markham Mobile Detailing is your all-in-one mobile detailing service provider in Markham. We provide auto detailing mobile services wherever and whenever you need us with our own products and equipment.

  1. Call us to book an appointment or visit one of our offices. You will then receive an email and/or text confirmation the day before your appointment.
  2. Choose between our 2 servicing location options:
    1. at home auto detailing – we offer at home car detailing services so you can enjoy having your vehicle serviced from the comfort of your home!
    2. any other location – we are known for providing auto detailing mobile service so we can be anywhere you require us to be.
  3. Schedule the mobile car detailing service (at your most convenient time!). We will also notify you when we are on our way.

Why You Should Book An Appointment Now

It is time for your vehicle’s make over. With our team of trained specialists, we can help you bring your old and dingy car back to its life. Here are the other advantages of booking an appointment with us:

  1. Get accurate quotes for your mobile car detailing free of charge. Our auto mobile detailing estimate service is 100% free. Should you decide to take advantage of our mobile car detailing service, we can plan a maintenance program that fits your budget and requirements.
  2. We can travel to your location at your chosen time to restore the beauty of your beloved vehicle. Markham Mobile Detailing has available staff 24 hours a day and seven days a week, all throughout the year. Whether you require mobile car cleaning or mobile interior detailing at home or in another location, we will be there to assist you with your concern.
  3. No project is too big or too small for our team of mobile car detailing experts. We make the process of mobile car cleaning easy, speedy and worth your money.
  4. In addition to providing excellent mobile auto detailing service to our customers, we also seek to improve our own sustainability performance and reduce our impact on the environment. We are continuously looking for better ways to conserve water and energy as well bring positive changes to our environment thru the use of eco friendly cleaning products.

If a search for “”mobile detailing scarborough”” or “”wash mobile detailing vaughan”” brought you here, it is because we have proven to be the best at what we do that our customers have recommended us even to their friends in other cities.”


Many vehicle owners are unaware of the services most mobile car detailing companies offer. Knowing the different services your local mobile detailing service provider can offer can save you time and money. Finding someone to do all the work your car requires can save you the time and energy of looking for different workers for different tasks. Take the time to learn what mobile car detailing services are and how Markam Mobile Detailing can help you today.

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Regular Wash:

  • Delicate hand wash: This type of mobile car detailing service features deep cleaning of all surfaces to remove dirt and debris using only the safest washing and cleaning products and methods to make sure your car will look and feel like brand new again.
  • Rims thoroughly washed with tire shine: Car wheels, tires and rims can get really dirty since dust and debris tend to stick on them. We use a special cleaning solution and proper procedures to make sure your wheels are thoroughly washed. This step also includes dressing your tires to protect it from UV rays and bring back its luster and shine.
  • Body decontamination: There are many possible scenarios where a mobile car or any vehicle can get decontaminated with dangerous substances or viruses and a regular mobile interior detail would not suffice. Decontamination like this would require thorough cleaning and sanitation. Our workers undergo training with decontamination and disinfecting services so they are certified to handle hazardous substances.

Interior Car Detailing Service:

  • Full interior vacuum: This includes vacuuming of all vehicle surfaces including mats, seats, headliners, and trunk.
  • All around glass cleaning: Our detailing service van is equipped with proper equipment and special cleaning product that do not leave hard water spots on your windows and shields.
  • Door Panels cleaned and dressed: Our basic interior service includes door panels being hand washed and polished.
  • Floor mat cleaning: We use a high temperature steam to make sure your floor mats will be free from stains and blemishes and will look spotless once again.

Platinum Package:

  • Regular wash: Regular mobile car wash features deep cleaning of all surfaces using only the safest washing and cleaning products and methods to make sure your car will look and feel like brand new again.
  • Interior Services: Mobile interior detailing service features deep cleaning of all interior surfaces including carpets and upholstery to remove small stains, dirt and debris.
  • Interior shampoo and conditoning: In addition to the usual mobile car wash service, cars that have stubborn stains accumulated over time would greatly benefit from shampoo and conditioning as this process brings to the surface the dirt and grime which are then deep cleaned using a hot water extractor.


When you look up “mobile car detailing near me” or “wash mobile detailing” online, Markham Mobile Detailing will always be in the search results. Even when you type in “”mobile detailing scarborough,”” our name will still show up. We have been providing high quality mobile detailing services for more than 10 years now that our name has spread around other cities and districts in Ontario. We established our reputation by word of mouth and by continuously offering only the best professional service to all of our clients. Here are the other reasons why we are considered as a front runner in the mobile detailing industry and why you should contact us for all your mobile car cleaning needs:

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With the number of mobile detailing service providers rising, competition in the market has gotten much more aggressive. We at Markham Mobile Detailing assure you that our quality service will always be worth your penny. We may not provide the cheapest car detailing service in Markham but we will maintain our reputation of being the highest rated yet affordable mobile auto detailing company in the area. Try to search online for “”affordable and excellent mobile car detailing near me”” or even just the words “”best wash mobile detailing”” and we’ll definitely be there.


Our staff go through continuing education, trainings and certifications to ensure they are up to date with the latest innovations and methods in the mobile car cleaning industry. They are not only experts in at home car detailing or mobile car detailing in general, they also come from reputable backgrounds. We made sure to carry out extensive background investigation before hiring workers because we aim to provide a safe workplace for all of our employees and customers alike.


We use only the safest, proven and tested washing and cleaning methods, as well as the highest quality cleaning products and tools in the market to make sure your car gets delicate pampering. We invested on top of the line steam cleaners, pressure washers and carpet cleaners to ensure the safety of your vehicle. We value our customers and we have a reputation to protect; hence, we provide the highest quality of service using only the best products in the market to achieve optimum results that is worth your money and loyalty. In addition, all of our services come with guarantee and warranty, so you can rest assured that we will handle your property with utmost care.


Markham Mobile Detailing lives up to the search phrase “mobile car detailing near me” because we can literally be near you within minutes if you require emergency mobile or at home car detailing services. Our mission is to provide speedy yet effective car detailing services to all of our clients. We are proud to have established a good reputation that even a search for “”mobile detailing scarborough”” online will display our name.”

Benefits of Regular Car Detailing and Maintenance:

Hiring a mobile car detailing service provider to help maintain your vehicle has a lot of benefits. Cars are indispensable in today’s world and may even get really expensive to maintain, however, taking advantage of regular car detailing services will help prolong the lifespan of your vehicle, keep its value and ultimately save you precious time and money.

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  • The cleanliness of your vehicle will always leave a lasting impression on other people and many even say your car is a reflection of who you are as a person. You wouldn’t want other people to think you are a filthy person, would you?
  • Professional car detailing not only removes bad odor from vehicle, this also helps prevent the spread of any infectious disease. Nowadays, infectious diseases that can easily spread around and can infect anyone touching a contaminated surface. Having your car deep cleaned regularly can help maintain the cleanliness and sanitation of your vehicle and minimize the opportunity for any virus to spread.
  • Regulary washing your car’s exterior will prevent road salt or any debris from damaging the expensive paint. Not only will your car look shiny and brand new all the time, you will also save yourself from spending a fortune on a paint job.
  • Professional deep cleaning can revive the beauty and soul of your vehicle and you will be able to keep both its financial and sentimental values.
  • You will save not only money but also your precious time by availing a regular mobile car detailing service. You can take advantage of at home auto detailing service while you tend to your house chores or any other business. And because you’re able to maintain the performance and sanitation of your car, you will also require lesser emergency repair or car wash visits.